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Aliyah Marr

Aliyah is a great teacher who has awakened strengths that have been dormant in me. ~ Enrique Leyva, Economist


Creative Consultant Aliyah Marr

I am a creative consultant and coach; I specialize in helping highly creative people and visionaries achieve their dreams. I offer private sessions through phone, email, and Skype to assist you on your path. I have worked with many people, in many capacities.

As a coach and inspirational speaker, I consider it my sacred privilege to empower others to step into their highest dreams. I assist you to become who you want to be, and life your life as you wish to live it. My clients are social visionaries who want to create sustainable businesses and ventures that support a “world that works for everyone.” As they achieve their dreams, they empower others to do the same.

Since working with Aliyah, I have been hugely impressed with her extraordinary ability to creatively innovate new channels of business thinking, and out-of-the-box approaches to radical and challenging ideas for enterprise.

Aliyah has a warm and engaging temperament and a persistence to meet the orthodox head-on and root out those conscious and subconscious barriers which disrupt the flow of successful implementation of business and personal goals.

~ Roy Baldwin, Women’s Fiction Author, Publisher and Director of Creative Gateway Publishing

Together we open up a safe space for all parts of your body/mind/spirit to heal and “whole.” As the author of several books on creativity and self-empowerment, I have come to know that inside every person is their higher self, AKA, their creative self. In many people this “creative soul” may be blocked, thwarted, or starved of nourishment. I assist in the activation of your creativity to help you connect with this greater self; once these parts of you are fully engaged in a healthy partnership, you can manifest your dreams.

Unlike most life coaches, I use my experience as a creative director, graphic designer, communicator, and entrepreneur to provide solid branding, marketing, and promotional advice for my clients.

What are you waiting for?
Take the first step to realizing the life of your dreams.


Special Discounted Rates! See Below.

$77 Regular Price

$44 Initial Consultation

An initial consultation to see if creative coaching is for you. In this 30 minute session, we can discuss your needs, go over your ideas, and see if we can work together. At the end of this session, you should have an idea of what I provide, and should you want to continue, we can work out a monthly plan.



$125 Regular Price

$77 Creative Activation

Release Your Creative Genius in this session by phone.

The creative activation session cannot be described: there is a magical moment in this hour-long phone session when most people experience a release of their creative blocks. Once your creative blocks are released, your natural creativity can flow.

However, you have to be in a place where this magic can work: therefore I guarantee that if you do not experience an exponential boost in your creativity, I will give you a complete refund.



 $225 Regular Price

$125 Life Path Creative Consultation

1 hour creative consultation by phone; discuss your life direction or specific projects or goals. Good for business people, entrepreneurs; creative folks in any media or life-path. Brainstorm with me!


Monthly Coaching

Ongoing coaching service. First, book a an Initial Consultation. (Top of this page.)

In that first meeting, we will discuss your needs and budget, and how many times a month you want to meet.

I can’t say enough good things about working with Aliyah Marr, she is inspirational, keeps me on track, has sound advice and is very knowledgeable in many aspects of the creative fields. We work as a team and she gets to know your goals and stumbling blocks and works around them to help you make things happen for yourself in innovative ways.

For the project I am working on, she was the right person and the right time, and I will hire her again as she is very easy to work with, is trustworthy and reliable and you get a lot of bang for your buck.

I highly recommend her without reservation if you’re feeling stuck or need a coach for your life goals or some particular project.

~Cheryl Roshak, CPC: Transition and Career Coach,; President of Cheryl Roshak Associates

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