Creative Consultant Aliyah Marr

Aliyah Marr

I am a creative consultant and vision coach for social entrepreneurs. No matter what you want to accomplish, I can help with a broad range of practical advice.

Although I have worked with Fortune 500 clients, I enjoy helping highly creative individuals, entrepreneurs, and visionaries achieve their dreams. I offer private sessions through phone, email, WhatsApp, VOIP, and Skype to assist you on your path. I have worked with many people, in many capacities.

You have always known you were destined to do great things—it’s time that you realized your biggest dreams. When your mind meets mine the sparks will fly!

Do you have a creative block? Perhaps you want to develop your creativity, or you are starting a new enterprise, and you need some high-level advice. In either case, I can help you. I am a creative projects consultant and creative coach for those type-A creative misfits like you and me.

Even da Vinci could have used a coach!

Are you a professional creative? Are you creating something absolutely new, like a new way to do business? Do you feel overwhelmed, or do you experience creative blocks? Maybe you need a coach!

Do you want to be more creative?

You know you are missing something. Like losing the keys to your car, you can’t go anywhere until you find the key that unlocks your creativity.

Creative Activation

Release Your Creative Genius in this session by phone. The Creative Activation session cannot be described: there is a magical moment in this phone session when most people experience a release of their creative blocks so that their natural creativity can flow.

Limited time special: $75.00 Regular price $125.

Good for those who want to access their innate creative genius, or for those who feel creatively blocked; for creative entrepreneurs and creative folks in any media or life-path.

$75.00/~ 1 hr

Initial Session
Creative Consultation | Business

I offer creative consulting and business strategy diagnosis via the phone for small businesses. By “diagnosis” I mean that I will attempt to assess your current needs and determine your best online strategy. This is an overview—initial consultation—only.  It cannot be a troubleshooting session.

The purpose of an initial consultation is to help you with the broad view of how your strategy can work to optimize your efforts and time.  To book a session now, click the button below. Once you have paid, we will arrange a convenient time to meet.

$125.00/~ 1 hr

Creative Consultation | Life Path Creative Coaching

We can discuss your projects, go over your ideas, and resolve any blocks that you may have. Practical advice and direction in the fields of ideation, life-path decisions, new business creation, on-going business support, marketing, branding, publishing, social media, multimedia, online media, website design, mailing lists, and print design. Good for business people, entrepreneurs; creative folks in any field or life-path. Brainstorm with me!

A recording of your session can be included at your request.

$125.00/~ 1 hr

Monthly Coaching | Ongoing Creative Consulting

There are two ways you can engage my services on an ongoing basis:

1. You may want to first book one of the sessions above. At the end of that first meeting, we will discuss your needs and budget, and how many times a month you want to meet.

2. Or you can contact me directly via the web form below.

Please use this form to contact me.

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A Vision of the Future

There are more creative geniuses on Earth than at any other time in recorded history. This has created the perfect environment for an explosion of social change: for the first time, we can direct our creativity into projects that create for the good of all and the planet, achieving new levels of coöperation and sustainability.

We stand at the threshold of the most powerful advance in human evolution—this leap is not physical or technological; it will be a quantum leap in human consciousness. The tsunami of human evolution generated by the quake of creative empowerment is on the horizon, approaching us as time disappears.

Available for speaking engagements and interviews. Contact me HERE.