Aliyah Marr’s Writing Samples

I love to write, especially when I use it to teach. If I can throw a little humor into the mix, all the better. Following is a small sample of some of my work.

Using Gestalt Psychology in Web Design (script for tutorial movie)

Graphic Design: 5 Simple Principles of Perception (Using Gestalt Psychology in Graphic Design) (I created over 100 e-learning movies for MediaBistro / over a two year period from 2008-1010. […]

What Drives Interactive Design (script for tutorial movie)

Introduction 189 words / 1:10 min Hi, this is Aliyah Marr. Welcome to my tutorial entitled “What Drives Interactive Design” I’ll never forget my first manual car. It took me […]

Seth Godin’s Head: Baldness as a Brand

As a designer, marketer and all-around cultural observer, I must say that I love Seth Godin. But it is not his trim physique that attracts my attention, it is his […]

How do You Like Those Upside-Down Apples?

Like a lot of designers, I own a MacBook.  Every single time I take my computer out of its case, I have to remember to place the laptop with its […]

Love @ First Site

Love @ First Site: article for Dynamic Graphics / Create Magazine reviewing best websites of the year. Feature article in Dynamic Love @ First Site What’s new, cool (& also […]