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Aliyah Marr | Creative Consultant for Social Entrepreneurs

Zodiac Energy Report ~ 3-22-17

Normally, a zodiac reading is done for a person to help him see where he is in all areas of his life, but I thought it would be fun to […]

Energy Report for Week of Oct 24, 2016

Hold onto your hats: time to step into your magical powers! The Magician shows us how it’s done. Last week the card was the Moon / Dreaming. The Moon helps prepare us by […]

Tarot Reading for Week of 10-10

For the week of 10-10-16, the card is the King of Wands/King of Fire. The following is a comparative reading of the Rider Waite Smith tarot and the Tarot of […]

Life-Coaching / Intuitive Readings

Why Tarot? I am the creator of two tarot decks and the author of three books on the tarot. When I read, my higher self translates what your higher self […]


I am a creative consultant/coach. My clients come from many different backgrounds and come to me initially for various needs. But one comment I keep hearing over and over is […]