Aliyah Marr’s Design Portfolio

I have spent most of my professional life as a visual designer. I have helped launch several successful startup companies, aided entrepreneurs, and have a client list that includes Fortune 500 clients, such as Morgan Stanley, IBM, American Express, and Chivas. I have created/programmed websites and interactive games, edited videos, created opening title sequences, edited sound, and designed print pieces. As an art director/creative director/creative lead, I have led teams of designers to produce major pieces, such as the Hummer project for the US Army, a multi-language, interactive e-learning program with video, text, graphics, and voice-over instructions on how to fix the Hummer.

Design Portfolio of Aliyah Marr

I taught interactive media, design, video editing, motion graphics, and interactive programming at Parsons School of Design, Pratt Institute, and The School of Visual Arts; in addition, I have given seminars and workshops on multimedia and created many online instructional movies for designers through Media Bistro. Currently, I am teaching software workshops and webinars through Sterling Ledet.

As an interactive artist, my artwork has been featured in the Siggraph conference and national shows, such as Digital Concentrate.


I have created online videos and interactive teaching interfaces for most of my career as a designer. One of the biggest e-learning projects I worked on was the Hummer multimedia repair manual for the Army. I designed and programmed the interface, and then headed up a team of designers to create the interactive movies. The manual included text, video, voice-overs, graphics and sound in two languages inside an interactive interface. The final project included hundreds of files and movies. We achieved this herculean feat in less than 6 months.

E-learning is a wonderful tool that enables anyone to learn at their own pace. Featured in this collection is a series of videos I created for Media Bistro and Create Magazine about how to design on the web.

The Gummy Bear Awards for Sticky Websites

I coined the phrase, “Gummy Bear Awards” for this tutorial on how to make websites more “sticky” through good web design. :-:-: More e-learning projects –> This tutorial series is […]

Better Faster Web Design Using a Grid

How to use a grid in web design :-:-: More e-learning projects –> This tutorial series is from the collection of over 100 video tutorials for web designers that I created […]

Design Police Report 5 Web Design Crimes

In this tutorial, I get to be the police officer and report on crimes in web design. :-:-: More e-learning projects –> This tutorial series is from the collection of over […]

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Book Design

I love designing books that are not just pretty faces, but beautiful inside and out. Check out the interiors of The Tarot Key and The Creative Life in 365 Degrees to see what I mean. One of the most delightful things in being both an author and designer is that I get to design my own books. As a creative consultant, I have designed books for other authors and helped them get published.

I started writing books in 2007 and that launched me into book design.

Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse

The “gangsta” theme of this book provoked a title made from a ransom note. Actual letters from a newspaper were used, but no one was killed — gangsters or otherwise […]

The Tarot Key

The Tarot Key explores the ancient wisdom of the Tarot. The cover features a classical painting of enlightenment, called the “Universum.” This book covers two decks: the Rider Waite Smith tarot and my […]

The Creative Life in 365 Degrees

A “calendar” book of inspirational quotes for creative people, with a quote a day featured on each page. The cover uses very simple graphics; a circle in an elliptical orbit around […]

The Myth of Race

The image is of a push-up toy that I bought in Chelsea a few years ago. Tension is conveyed by the jarring offset of the foreground and background colors. Typography […]

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Exhibit Design

While I have created thousands of web pages, interactive interfaces, and print pieces, I don’t often get to do exhibit design. The following examples include the signage for an exhibit by the famous National Geographic photographer, David Doubilet, and a few concepts for PCT, an auto parts distributor.

David Doubilet

I was commissioned to design the signage for the David Doubilet “Below” exhibit, sponsored by National Geographic and Rolex. David’s extraordinary photography was printed on Chameleon™ cloth,* a translucent material […]

PCT Exhibit Design

Concepts for display of auto parts in a free-standing exhibit in Pep Boys store. :-:-: More Exhibit Design –> While I have created thousands of web pages, interactive interfaces, and print […]

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Film Design

I  worked as a graphic designer for two feature films, Little Man Tate, and The Public Eye. This was an exhilarating and exhausting job. As a designer, I was responsible for designing many of the props: for Little Man Tate, I designed signage, logos, and book covers.

Because I was hired as a non-union freelancer, I did not receive credit for either film. However, the experience was definitely one of the most interesting jobs I have ever had.

Game Design

I have made many games over the years below is a sample of a game I made in Flash (you will need the Flash player—not viewable on smartphones).

Transformational Tarot Copyright 2004 Aliyah Marr

Transformational Tarot—Aliyah Marr

The Transformational Tarot by Aliyah Marr

I created The Transformational Tarot as an interactive Flash game in 2004. Click on the image above to play the game (you need Flash installed in your computer’s browser).

How does the Tarot work? I have to admit to being a skeptic in the beginning. I even created my first deck without any belief in it or any real experience with the cards. I thought the Tarot was for credulous fools. But after I created the Transformational Tarot computer game, I tested the programming by running a few readings of my own: the results were eerily accurate. When I posted my game online, people wrote me that their readings were the best they ever had.

Web Design

I have been working in web design for many years. I have designed and developed hundreds of pages and sites both for large and small clients. In addition, I taught web design and game programming at the top three design schools in NYC: Pratt, The School of Visual Arts, and Parsons School of Design. Initially, I loved to push the boundaries of interactive design with innovative work in Flash, but I now choose to work almost exclusively with WordPress sites.

My client list includes Fortune 100-500 clients such as IBM, Chivas, Motorola, American Express, Morgan Stanley, but I also have designed for small clients.

Mexico Real Estate Website

Several pages from the WordPress site, Mexico Real Estate Search. See live site HERE. Home Page Inside Info Page Search Results Submit Your Property Page :-:-: More web design projects […]

San Diego Folklife Website Concept #3

Conceptual website design and specs for San Diego Folklife. :-:-: More web design projects –> I have been working in web design for many years. I have designed and developed […]

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Writing Samples

I love to write, especially when I use it to teach. If I can throw a little humor into the mix, all the better.

Using Gestalt Psychology in Web Design (script for tutorial movie)

Graphic Design: 5 Simple Principles of Perception (Using Gestalt Psychology in Graphic Design) (I created over 100 e-learning movies for MediaBistro / over a two year period from 2008-1010. […]

What Drives Interactive Design (script for tutorial movie)

Introduction 189 words / 1:10 min Hi, this is Aliyah Marr. Welcome to my tutorial entitled “What Drives Interactive Design” I’ll never forget my first manual car. It took me […]

Seth Godin’s Head: Baldness as a Brand

As a designer, marketer and all-around cultural observer, I must say that I love Seth Godin. But it is not his trim physique that attracts my attention, it is his […]

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