Parallel Mind The Art of Creativity

Aliyah Marr draws from her experience as a teacher, visual artist, poet, graphic designer, and art director to demonstrate how you can change your body, your profession, your relationship, and […]

Celestial Journey

The Voyage of the Creative Spirit. 63 motivational and inspirational short essays on how to live a consciously creative life. This book is for those intrepid explorers of human expression: […]

The Avatars of Eden

The Paradox of Surrender
Love is the mother energy that surrounds, supports, and maintains all dimensions and all physical reality. Like a current of light it pushes against every barrier, seeps through our closed eyes, flows around and caresses our physical form. It is present in every atom. But as long as we believe in the illusion of separation, we stand like impassive stones in the stream of Love.

Only when the Mind is willing to accept the Heart as its partner, and let go of the need to survive and protect the physical self, can a full reversal of the misguided hierarchy of domination and suffering occur. The Heart must forgive the Mind and give it Love. Without Love, the Mind cannot take the leap of faith and enter into divinity, for Love is what it craves.

The moment of surrender feels like a fall upwards. The Soul experiences an epiphany. It releases the ballast of negativity. Since it is buoyant—literally “lighter than air”—the Soul naturally rises.

Every culture describes their version of Eden as a place of peace and plentitude. This story is a universal archetype that tells us that we once lived in harmony with nature, and can do so again. All the legends agree on one thing: Eden isn’t just a legend from the remote past, Eden is our destiny.

The Tarot Key

The Tarot Key is for the serious tarot scholar/student who desires to do an in-depth study of the cards. It presents two decks, the standard Rider Waite Smith Tarot and the author’s own Tarot of Creativity, which is used to provide additional insight on the meanings of each card. The ebook has full-color images, if your e-reading device permits. It also provides handy links within the document. The images are in black and white in the print version.

Do It Yourself Tarot

The Easy Fun Way to Learn How to Read the Tarot for Yourself and Others Buy direct from the author below (ebook only) Do It Yourself Tarot is for the […]

The Tarot of Creativity Little White Book

The Companion Guide to The Tarot of Creativity,* a Modern Tarot Deck by Aliyah Marr With a brief, easy to understand style, this guide correlates each card with its deeper […]

Do It Yourself Kindle Publishing

Publish Your Book on Kindle in 7 Easy Steps This book  is a “cheat-sheet” for those who wish to learn how to publish on Kindle. Even an ebook can be […]

Squawk! Social Media for the Solitary Bird

This book made bestselling status in a few days on Amazon. #4 in E-commerce/Small Business #24 in Business & Money/Technology) Find your flock, express yourself, stand out from the crowd: […]

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