The Avatars of Eden Audio Practices—the [missing] Manual

Audio Meditations by Aliyah Marr

These audio pieces were produced during the writing of the book, The Avatars of Eden. A set of 12 easy-to-do, in-the-moment meditations, visualizations, and practical exercises to enhance your life and help you bring Heaven to Earth.

History of The Avatars of Eden Audio Practices—the [missing] Manual

Starting in 2013, I found myself spontaneously recording these meditations and practices on my iPhone. I never knew in advance when inspiration would hit: I might be in my car, eating dinner, or I might have just woken up. Over the course of several years, I produced over 100 audio meditations; the audio files below are the cream of the crop; they are designed to accompany the book, The Avatars of Eden, as a practical workbook of meditations, visualizations, and techniques.–Aliyah Marr

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Hungry Ghosts
Emotional Mastery
A Mansion of Infinite Rooms
Shifting into a New Dream
The Iceberg
The Secret Behind “The Secret”

Evolution as an Art Form

Living as a Conscious Creator


Threshold to Divine Potential

The Zero Point

The Wheel of Creation

Surrender to Breakthrough

Aligning With Your Soul

The Domino Effect
Security & Abundance

Sexuality & Power

The 2nd & 3rd Chakras

Focused Intent

As a Creative Tool

Life as a Dream
Reality Shifts

Creative Freedom

Emotional Mastery

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