The Creative Life in 365 Degrees by Aliyah Marr

Inspirational daily quotes for the creative individual. Motivate, inspire yourself, get back onto the creative path; increase your happiness quotient!


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This book is for those who are blessed or cursed with the gift of creative intelligence. Those whose right brains keep them up at night with brilliant concepts; those who question everything; those who don’t respect authority; those who were never understood by their peers, parents or teachers; those who were the class clowns.

You know who you are. You never fit in, were never voted to be famous, and were not popular among your classmates at school. Your parents despaired that you might end up in the gutter, because you wanted to be an artist.

You were one of the motley misfits who sat at the back of the room reading science fiction, the art-geek who drew cartoon characters in math class, the budding scientist who experimented with potentially incendiary ingredients from your mother’s kitchen in the bathroom, the fledging drummer who just couldn’t sit still in grade school. You were the one couldn’t figure out why everyone else wanted to lead a normal life.

I honor you with our special secret salute (I can’t show it here, but you know what that is).