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The Thetawave Project is a free global online wiki-based service that matches local problems with social-ecological solutions from a global network of non-partisan, open-societal creative thinkers.

The Thetawave Project specializes in resolving non-political local issues (clean water, irrigation, microloans, small business development, etc.); coming up with practical solutions and resolving the problems with local industry/labor within their social, political, and economic structure.

The Thetawave Project ideators (registered thinkers in TWP database) are selected by their ability to provide solutions that involve the greatest amount of local cooperation and non-interference with social/political entities. The Thetawave Project provides databases of verified funding resources and project developers, both non-profit and commercial, to provide the funding, skills and work necessary to achieve the resolution of the problem.

The prime directive of the Thetawave Project is to provide a virtual space that allows people with problems and people with solutions to connect.

The Thetawave Project will focus on providing solutions to those in need and match the solutions with those organizations/developers whose mission matches the stated mission of the TWP.

I believe that most people want to do good and be recognized within their community There are two theories of evolution: competitive and cooperative. The competition theory assumes a lack of resources and competition (war) for those resources. The cooperation theory takes a larger view to see how the natural ecosystems sustain themselves through cooperation and interrelationship of all species. The society that we develop is the result of whatever beliefs we hold as to what is natural and good.

Our current society is based upon the competition version of evolution and is based upon the accumulation of money at all costs, but I think if we base our society upon the idea of sharing resources instead of competing for those resources, we will have a better world as a result. Small tribal groups develop societies that tend to be more cooperative than competitive. I have developed a concept called “Natural Ethics,” that states that when people are gathered into real communities based upon sharing, where everyone is recognized for their contribution (example: barn-raising in early European Americans) they naturally develop ethics that reflect values such as: inclusion, respect for all, sustainable use of resources, diversity, etc.

The Thetawave Project will provide a global community of people committed to resolving problems through sustainable solutions and true creative thinking. The community itself will stand as a model for how a community can work when it is based upon a concept of cooperation, respect, democratic inclusion, and “bottom-up democratic management.”


  • To empower individuals to make a difference on a local & global level.
  • To provide a virtual space to allow those with problems to connect with those who can envision & those who can create sustainable solutions.
  • To protect individual intellectual property, and allow the creators of solutions to indirectly profit (royalties, creative credentials) from their ideas.
  • To hold organizations accountable for TWP reports & a database.FUNCTIONS
  • Intellectual Property Protection by maintaining a database of “Ideators” — registered creative thinkers & their ideas/solutions.
  • Communication between solution providers (ideators, developers, funding) & those in need.
  • Global Reach — Links across culture, religions, countries.
  • Corporate / Organizational Database — creates & maintains a database of reports on companies, governments that demonstrate consistent social and environmental responsibility.
  • Provides career advancement & opportunities for members.STRUCTURE OF THE THETAWAVE PROJECT
  • WIKI self-running community (modeled on Wikipedia), consisting of:
  • Managing creative director
  • Editors
  • Reporters
  • 4 Databases:
  • Problem inquiries & inquirers
  • “Ideators” — solution-makers & their TWP-registered ideas
  • Funding organizations
  • Producers / Developers (companies or groups)PARTNERS
    Partners to be determined (see OUTREACH below). Select universities and student members.NEED FOR THETAWAVE PROJECT
  • CONNECTION: Economic, societal, environmental problems worldwide need to be connected with solutions and funding.
  • INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY REGISTRATION & PROTECTION: Creative thinkers need to be credited for their ideas & receive royalties from profits.
  • SOLUTIONS FOR ANY PROBLEM: New solutions need to be found that benefit the environment while benefiting the local people, local businesses, and society as a whole.
  • CORPORATE / INDUSTRIAL / GOVERNMENTAL WATCHDOG: There is a need to keep an eye on the major players. TWP project maintains a database on these entities; entries made by grassroots, volunteer reporters.
  • SOLUTIONS NEED TO FIT IN WITH CURRENT STRUCTURES: Solutions can be found that are also profitable to the investors and developers of ideas.HOW THE THETAWAVE PROJECT IS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER THINKTANKS
  • Mission is to provide benefits to human society & ecology not to develop engines of war or acquisition of property.
  • Grassroots organization not affiliated with any commercial or government.
  • Governed “by the people, and for the people.” — no leaders or followers.
  • Grassroots participation from every country and walk of life.
  • Self-run (modeled on Wikipedia’s structure of editors).
  • No members associated with any governmental, political or commercial organization.
  • Protects intellectual property of individuals.

• Allows only those members and ideas whose effects are beneficial to human society and to the environment. Thetawave Project sets up a global, non-partisan community consisting of:

  • creative thinkers
  • creative project producers
  • local participants
  • problem enquirers, people/groups in need of solutions
  • reporters
  • The individual “common” man is valuable for his creativity & cooperative ability to resolve all problems.
  • An organization with reach and power can be run by the people.
  • Individuals can be valued by their creative input, not their monetary assets.
  • New currency: your creative ideas and solutions.
  • Your assets are not your possessions, but your creative mind, your creative ethics, credentials, and record of work.
  • It is possible to create a community that employs a standard of creative empowerment and valuation based on individual contribution.
  • A society can be based on goodness & cooperation, rather than money.
  • People can be brought together, and work together no matter their political or religious origins.
  • Doing good can be profitable.
  • Technological development can be environmentally and socially sound.
  • All “development” should take into account environmental and societal impact from the beginning. TWP will provide a way to do that easily.
  • “Natural Ethics” develop when people exist within a community; are accountable for their deeds, recognized and valued within that community.
  • Creativity can be used to benefit people and the environment, rather than used for producing war and unnecessary products.
  • Corporate & governmental responsibility results when held accountable (TWP internal reportage and TWP database of accountability).
  • Seeds the idea that governments & corporations should be transparent & responsible to local communities as well as to the environment.
  • Change can happen from within, without upsetting or challenging established political or religious organizations.

• When individuals are creatively empowered and recognized for their contribution, the society as a whole becomes more equitable, decreasing crime & intolerance.


A self-running, self-policing wiki structure for an online non-political community of creative thinkers.

Four databases

  • Problems
  • “Ideators”
  • Funding organizations
  • Producers / Developers Report (companies or groups)WHO BENEFITS FROM PROJECTGLOBAL COMMUNITY: safe bank of ideas, resource of solutions for problems, a community of individuals dedicated to social/economic / environmentally conscious development.

    IDEATOR: Percentage of profits/recognition / registration of ideas as their intellectual property / safe repository for ideas, credibility

    BENEFICIARY: Solutions, funding, development ORGANIZATION: Profit, recognition, credibility VOLUNTEER STAFF: Recognition, career advance


A global creative community that promotes creative thought and innovation, creating free, sustainable solutions to benefit people worldwide.

I believe that there are more creative geniuses alive today than at any other time in history. My vision is to connect these creative thinkers with the problems that they can solve. I plan to do this by establishing a virtual community online that maintains databases of problem-solvers, ideas, ethical funding organizations, and ethical developers.

The current structure of our money-based system encourages the irresponsible exploitation of creative people, workers and natural resources for the purpose of the profit of a few. But there is no reason that companies and governments cannot be responsible and that people cannot produce products that benefit humanity as a whole and the Earth at the same time. There is no reason that good work cannot be profitable for those who decide to invest in sustainable solutions.

Intellectual property is the currency of this organization. An idea is paid in two ways: by accrediting the idea’s originator with the idea (and the development and execution, if applicable), and through royalties given on any profit.

Thorough records are kept in the database of ideas and idea originators. The TWP is policed by its senior members (similar to the way Wikipedia’s editors police Wikipedia). The database of ideas provides internal protection for the originators of those ideas. Royalties are due for any idea that produces a profit.

As an individual becomes known inside the community for great concepts and practical application, his reputation grows, and he is sought out for his work and ideas.

The vision of The Thetawave Project is to provide solutions to those in need. The ideas are free but credited to the originator within the TWP community. If a profit results from the idea, then royalties are due to the creator and developer of the idea. Solutions that utilize local resources are preferred. Although profit may be made in some cases, the focus of TWP is upon making free solutions available to any individual or group in need. Ideally, the resolution of problems should be resolved

without funding or outside development.


Provides solutions to any non-political problem worldwide.

Unites people past geopolitical borders in common goal to help others and provide real solutions.

Provides a model of how a community can be founded upon principles of cooperation and benefit for all.

Provides a “Watchdog” database of socially and economically-responsible organizations.

Encourages transparency in organizations & members who wish to participate in the project.

Provides a “bridge” between the old profit-motivated system and the new, more inclusive system by providing practical solutions, ways for corporations to fund worthy grassroots causes and profit as well.


  • Amount of partners included by fellowship’s end.
  • Success of PR campaign (see COMMUNICATIONS / OUTREACH below)
  • If site is operational by end of fellowship’s duration:
  • Google metrics.
  • Website ranking.
  • Twitter ranking.


  • Success of communications/outreach / PR program (see below).
  • Engagement of critical launch partners.
  • Engagement of critical volunteer roles for the launch & running of TWP website.COMMUNICATIONS / OUTREACH
  • Coverage by major news sources.
  • Social media campaign.
  • Engagement of PR firm on a pro-bono basis.
  • Invite the public support of celebrities who have an interest in social/environmental causes (Brad Pit, Oprah Winfrey, etc.).
  • Invite creative thought leaders to participate in ideation and as board members.
  • Attendance/announcement of TWP at TED conferenceTARGET AUDIENCE
    Anyone who has an interest in creating a more equitable society, building sustainable communities, and improving the world.HOW I INTEND TO INFLUENCE THE AUDIENCE

    People want to belong to a larger community where they are appreciated. This is a motivation that has long been noted in advertising. I intend to give the “man on the street” a platform that allows them to belong to a worldwide community, be

noticed for their ideas, and rewarded for their input.



  • I have been involved with online and interactive media since the inception of both mediums.
  • I am a creative director with a stellar client list that includes both Fortune 100 companies and shoe-string start-ups.
  • As a designer, I have worked in every medium, including feature films and interactive games.
  • I coach creative people in their careers and help them develop their projects.
  • As a teacher at top design schools, I have long been involved in helping others achieve their dreams, and enable them to progress as individuals.
  • As a writer, I write on creative empowerment and social change.
    THE SCOPE OF MY MISSIONIt is my personal mission to enable others to achieve their full creative potential. I believe that a world where everyone is free to create, is known for their work, and recognized for their contribution to society is a world that will be free of crime; a place where our children can grow to their fullest potential.TRENDSPOTTER / VISIONARY
    I have pioneered several key concepts:

    Natural Ethics Principles for Community Building – responsible ethics that naturally evolve when people are known within their communities. The principles are:
    inclusion instead of exclusion

partnership / cooperation
enough for all
responsible action
tolerance for others
recognition, credit for ideas/work within the community economic benefit for ideas/work

Democratic Vvoice

Feel-Good Marketing — marketing that gives the consumer a “good feeling,” throughout the entire buying and owning cycle, and includes doing good for others.

The Four stages / Types of Creativity — Innate Creativity, Conscious Creativity, Pure Creativity, and Applied Creativity, as defined in my book, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.

Who’s Who, Directory of Creative Thought Leaders on the leading edge of social change, creative thinking, and innovation. Nature As a Model for a New World – the idea of making technology and architecture flexible, non-permanent, and aligned

with the forces of nature.

Trickle-up Economics – a new economy that puts the future into the hands of empowered creative people. A reversal of the “trickle-down economics” theory, it works by encouraging each person on the planet to develop their creative potential so that positive attitudes, responsible stewardship, and creative ideas can “trickle up” to change society for the better.

Building Online Communities Using Natural Ethics

Building an Online Community, Article 1 Building Community, Article 2
Building Community, Article 3


I am the author of a seminal book on the power of creativity, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity. I have a great deal of

experience in marketing, viral promotion, building online communities, and website design.

I am a known author on the subject of creativity, online design, and on building online communities. I plan to continue writing on creativity and personal development.

I give seminars on creative empowerment.


1st trimester goals:

  • Domain name.
  • Engagement of pro-bono partners to develop site: wiki, databases, design.
  • First draft of site design.
  • Engagement of PR pro-bono partner.
  • Introduction to partners/offices.
  • Press releases on project.
  • Engagement of advisory board members for TWP2nd trimester goals:
    • 2nd and 3rd draft of website.
    • Testing of website, and revisions.
    • Engagement of first volunteers (editors, reporters).
    • Invitations to join TWP as ideator.
    • Invitations to companies/organizations to be included in the database.
    • Invitations to submit problems for database.
    • Press releases on project.

3rd trimester goals:
• Final draft of website.

  • Website launch.
  • Press releases on project.
  • Media coverage.
  • Celebrity support.
  • Reports on all companies/organizations that accepted invitations (see 2nd trimester above).
  • Announcement of project at TED conference.8. EXPENSES ESTIMATETBA
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