Posted by on March 18, 2017

On March 6th, WordPress accidentally suspended the blog without notice. I scrambled to try to fix this suspension by transferring the followers to my website, ParallelMindzz. A couple days later, WordPress admitted their mistake and restored the blog.

After nearly two weeks of work, I have decided to return the blog and the website to their original status and purposes. However, those WordPress followers of InfiniteShift who were transferred to ParallelMindzz will need to follow again to get the posts they originally wanted to receive.

Subscribers of the mailing list (meaning you have received this notice in your mailbox) won’t need to do anything.

I apologize for the mixup.

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* InfiniteShift includes content from ParallelMindzz plus articles from other sources.

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  1. Ethan Freeman
    March 20, 2017

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    Thank you for the notice! I was greatly concerned you were being taken down with the movement to censor “fake news” we are witnessing.

    Peace and blessings

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