A Big Dose of Humble Pie

Tim Kraaijvanger @ Pixabay

I agree with those who say that we should endeavor to love ourselves through our pain.

But true, unconditional love is impossible from an emotional level of consciousness—all you have is a need to be loved, and a bargaining with what you see outside you in order to get the love you need. Only when you go higher into at least the Alpha brainwave state can you achieve something like unconditional love.

To think that there is no spiritual reason for someone’s pain is to negate their experience and path. To say that other people are failing to release their pain may not be what they need to hear, and it is certainly not kind: it is demeaning. It is a superiority mindset.

But in the manner of all polarized thought patterns, there is an inevitable backlash to this. Those who think they are superior to others often get what I call the “humble-pie syndrome.” The humble-pie experience usually comes right after what you think is a huge achievement. If you have attained the Alpha brainwave state, that’s great, but be aware that life has more in store for you than allowing you to turn into a perpetual bliss-bunny.

Most of us don’t live in a vacuum or get to meditate 24 hours a day in a monastery. Life will present challenges to remove false assumptions based upon a hierarchical system of deservedness and superiority, until you are scrubbed clean of any pride, accomplishments, and distinctions. You have to be truly empty in order to receive, and you have to have let go of any preconceptions, dreams, hopes and desires before you can truly shift into something new.

Those who are most challenged will fly the furthest. However, I don’t mean to say that this is a competition where one is rewarded for one’s work or achievements. Dipping down into the horrors, shadows, and dirty bits of your personal life contributes more than you can know to the global shift. Sometimes being in pain, whether physical, emotional, or mental is just where you need to be.

Accepting where you are and what you are experiencing is the first step to self-love.

Aliyah Marr
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