Are You Free Falling?

Vertigo and nausea are the “physical symptoms” while confusion and depression are the emotional symptoms. It’s the Void and the longer we are in there the more we are letting go and the bigger creative “big bang” we will experience upon our final exit.

You may have been in the Void several times over the last 12 years. But this one is really big and deep. We are letting go of eons of stuff and our identity/self-worth, knowledge, has to go through a thorough cleansing. In the meantime, we are experiencing a loss of connection with our oversoul/higher self. My best guess is that our lines of communication are going through an overhaul. Like going from a regular phone line to fiber optic cable, the upgrades to our bodies/thoughts have to have a cable that can handle the higher frequency.

Some might judge you for being in pain, but no matter what you are experiencing know that you are in the right place at the right time.

Other people may be in bliss and often these people think that they have achieved a spiritual or mental height that you haven’t, but you are working towards an amazing outcome.

Know that simply being here and experiencing what you are experiencing is how you do this work of processing eons of miscomprehensions, eons of emotions, eons of conditioning through your body.

AND you are here to also bring in the new energy. These twin energies of the old and the new meet like a fountain at the high heart.

You are the BOOTS ON THE GROUND as this planet shifts. You are essential. Know that the pain you are experiencing is part of this. Allow it and don’t worry.

As we ascend our consciousness, we learn to let go of our concern for self: or rather, we learn to let go of our survival conditioning.

I can’t guarantee that you will be OK, but it is like skydiving. You have to leap and trust that everything will be OK. And if it is not, it will certainly be a wild ride!