BE the Fountainhead

Image by Redschi from Pixabay

I think that we are manifesting in a new way because the whole paradigm is shifting. And if you are a forerunner you get to do it first.

Staying calm and detached is key.

In the old paradigm you could function from your left brain and interface in that world of left-brain dominance where planning, linearity, work, and connections worked. You manifested from a combination of linear thinking and emotions (passion/fear).

If you were not consciously creating you manifested from the lower fear-based programming: “Here be monsters!” If you were in passion about what you were creating you could consciously manifest something inside of the old paradigm because you were following the rules of that paradigm.

Now, we have stepped out of that way of manifesting. Talk about walking a tightrope without a net! Years ago, I saw that we will be manifesting the new world from our FEELINGS instead of our emotions. Feelings are more states of being, such as peace, love, etc. Emotions are reactive, feelings (when you can achieve and sustain them) are the energy of the new paradigm.

Every paradigm or worldview has component parts, elements that belong in it. Those elements cannot really work in another if they are disharmonious with that world which is created from those feelings.

Is worry or stress part of the feeling of peace? Is strife a part of confidence? Does fear belong in a state of love? Do you hustle to “make money” or get a job when you truly feel abundant?

Attaining and holding a chosen feeling (state of being) in your body/mind is how to manifest a world that reflects that feeling in all its parts.

In the old paradigm, the path of manifestation from energy to matter was a four step process:

Energy –> Thought –> Emotions –> Matter

Now the two middle steps can be by-passed.

Energy is close to the feeling state.

Energy can be directed by choosing your feelings.

Think of the new world you want to create as a stream of deliberately chosen feelings. You get to choose what feelings are the springs that feed that stream of consciousness.

Then you can feed that stream consciously. YOU are the singular fountainhead of conscious creation.

As you bathe yourself in that stream you will find more and more that you are seeing only that which matches the stream of feelings that you have chosen to sustain.

This is what it means to be a conscious creator.

Aliyah Marr
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