Blind Faith

Funny that we have to parent ourselves. The trajectory of changes works like this:

The body (which obviously includes the mind) panics because it doesn’t feel safe.

That brings in the ego—which was evolved as a form of consciousness to help protect us in our physical forms on earth—and it starts to ask a lot of questions:

  • “How am I to survive when I don’t know who I am anymore?”
  • “How can I make money when I no longer care about fitting in?”
  • “How can I go forward when I no longer have any passion or interest in anything?”
  • “Nothing seems real to me except being outside and in nature.”
  • “How can I live like this? How long can this period of uncertainty last?”

There are no answers to these questions because they are all coping mechanisms from a consciousness that is evolving from a survival-based organism to something far more interesting.

This is the leap of blind faith.

Aliyah Marr
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