Book Design

I am a versatile designer, ranging from online, interactive media, to print and video/sound; my latest work is in book design. One of the most delightful things in being both an author and designer is that I get to design my own books. As a creative advisor, I have designed books for other authors and helped them get published.

Book Covers and Interiors

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The Creative Life in 365 Degrees

The cover uses very simple graphics; a circle in an elliptical orbit around the title. The image offers a visual pun that contrasts the idea of 365 days vs. 360

The Myth of Race

The image is of a push-up toy that I bought in Chelsea a few years ago. Tension is conveyed by the jarring offset of the foreground and background colors.

Anonymous was a Woman

The subtitle, “an exploration of gender and genius,” was inserted inside the area of the title instead of placing it in a more traditional location underneath the title.

Make Me an Offer I Can’t Refuse

The “gangsta” theme of this book provoked a title made from a ransom note. Cut letters from a newspaper were scanned and used to create the title.

The Visionary

Another of my 3D illustrations, in this case, I place a cube of a face on top of the right eye of another face and shot it at an angle.

Futura Light and Light Condensed

3D art and book design Aliyah Marr

The Tarot Key

The book’s interior uses a large, screened-back (grayed) image on the left page of each entry, balanced by the smaller image on the right in black. A special technique

The Lost Boy

Sometimes the best solution is a subtle one. The word “Lost” hides out in the open, while the reflection of the boy in the water is indistinct, like a distant memory. The word, “Lost” is in the same blue as the water below, and the image of the upside-down boy projects downward from the word, calling attention to the boy’s reflection.

Do it Yourself Tarot

The target market inspired the cover; commercial images of tools form the letters “DIY”; the title is a metallic-looking embossed

Unplug From the Matrix

The illustration and design emulates the screen of the Matrix: the title swirls as if going down a drain.

The Avatars of Eden

This book is about creating a “heaven on Earth,” therefore, the image on the cover shows the sun rising over the curvature of the Earth.


The Bee Keeper’s Daughter

This illustration started out with two toy bees placed on a classical portrait by Botticelli. The wooden-looking bee on the woman’s face is just slightly disturbing.

The Tarot of Creativity Little White Book

The interior of the book is designed to show the card on the left side and the description/meaning of the card on the right.

The Invisible Man

A redesign of a classic. In the book, the protagonist could be seen only while he was covered in bandages, conveying his isolation and power at the same time

Do It Yourself Kindle Publishing

A book that uses the metaphor of building a home features a power saw on the cover. The subtitle is embedded in the middle of the


A black and white image reminiscent of a Man Ray photograph helps to ground this novel in the proper historical setting.

Celestial Journey

This book is a collection of essays. A sailboat, rendered as a negative image, sails through a daytime sky.

Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity

Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity
The (missing) manual for your right brain

Miss Bunny’s Tea Party

A coloring book to help young readers learn the alphabet. Aliyah Marr: concept, illustration, copy.

The Fortune Teller

Intricate flourishes on both the hand and the borders contrast the non-serif typeface.

Squawk! Social Media for Solitary Birds

The typography of the interior reflects the humorous tone of the book.

The Pearl

The illustration is filled with a black feather boa and a shell with a pearl.