Creative Chaos

Shabinh on Pixabay
Shabinh on Pixabay

The world is in a state of “creative chaos.” As an artist, I know that chaos precedes creation. Art makes order from chaos. We are creatures who love to create, we create order or structure from chaos.

But what we have so far experienced in the old world is like a baby’s playpen: we had a few toys and tools in a very confined, already structured space. So we learned to create more order within a predefined order or structure.

In 2016 I saw this coming: a ball of chaos, or energetic streamers of short duration gathered in a ball like steel wool. Alongside this ball I saw what I call the “Green Wave” a long wave of energy rolling serenely out into space. I saw we had a choice between the two.

I believe we collectively chose the ball of chaos in 2016. Then in the beginning of 2022 or 2023 I saw that we were INSIDE the ball of chaos. It struck me so forcibly that I actually said it out loud.

Now, with the energetic changes afoot, we are being challenged in several ways:


We are now opening to enormous waves of energy, light, and information. Not everyone, of course, only those who are ready for this influx. What is the information we are receiving? We cannot know this with our minds since our egoic consciousness is not adapted to the kind of information and the sheer volume of information we are receiving. The light clears our energetic pathways, physically, mentally, and emotionally, while the energy pushes the old energy up to be cleared. This of course, can feel awful, again, physically, mentally, and emotionally. But all three forces are readying us for a huge leap in consciousness.


For some of us, time has been speeding up since 2012. It has reached ridiculous speeds. Reality changes very quickly. The faster your frequency, the faster the rate of change.

There is no value system anymore. No good or bad, up or down. You cannot win this game by being a “good person” or building up karma points, although that can certainly help you clear your field. The new reality demands absolute fluidity from us, which means no judgement.

We have to redefine what judgement means. It doesn’t mean what it used to. Now, we are being asked to remain impassive to any triggers from survival-based patterning. We have to keep our heads above the immense flow of energy, light, and information that is happening at an enormous rate all around us.

This means that you cannot “believe” your thoughts or emotions anymore. Your thoughts, or more specifically, your emotions about your thoughts are creating reality incessantly. As we rise in consciousness we pass through what used to be called “the astral layer” which contains the emotions and thoughts of people throughout the millennia. Every idea, thought, emotional belief is flying through and around us. This is the chaos. It is seeking to attach to something in the material world, seeking manifestation through a consciousness on the planet.


The information, energy, and light streamers that are reaching us are seeking material manifestation. That means that they are seeking a vehicle or rather, a consciousness to manifest through. A conscious creative can direct this energy once they have cleared their field from survival-based thinking.

The ego, which is the newest form of directed consciousness, has to come home. It has gone through eons of misunderstanding—thinking that it was alone and had to fend for itself in a threatening world. Now, it has to take a leap of faith and know the security of alignment with the true self, the “Infinite I” that sees everything. With that unimaginable step out into the space of faith, the ego takes flight instead of falling.


We have to make this leap together, in other words, the physical, emotional, mental selves have to unite with the Infinite I in alignment and harmony. The Infinite I requires this step from us so that it can manifest a higher world THROUGH us. We are the “boots on the ground” who have the capacity to manifest this new Earth, if we can step out of the playground of the old world into a new world—a new creation, one with higher laws than gravity and fear.

This new reality will be made very fast, but one has to first align with the intent of the higher self. Until that time, the chaos and purging will continue.  Nothing that is tainted with the old frequency can exist in the new world. No one can tell when or how this will happen. I suspect that the frequency shift—the shift of the ages—will come quickly. Or rather, it will reach a tipping point where everything will suddenly shift.

This shift has been building for over 46 years. I am not sure if it is just a personal shift or a global one as well. I do know that without those of us who have been working towards this goal it would not have happened as quickly, or possibly not at all.


The amount and kind of information, energy, and light streamers that are reaching us are seeking material manifestation and seem overwhelmingly chaotic to us. But we cannot create from these because they are not long-lived.

In the old days, we used to have time to create. The time we had was initiated by the slowness of the energy streams. These new streams are short-lived and going in often opposite directions.

We used to “surf” an energy stream. Like a surfer on a longboard, we could take a wave when it was just a mere idea on the ocean and ride it all the way to the shore. We can’t do that anymore because the energy streams aren’t long enough—they cannot take you very far because their accompanying time element is so short.

We are in a tsunami and to stay afloat we cannot be cataloging and rating everything new and old that is flowing around and even through us. Instead, we let it be there as long as it needs to be and then we let it go as it dissipates back into the infinite flux—the edge of the quantum implicate that is breaking incessantly on the shore of manifestation.

~ Aliyah Marr@ Copyright 2023

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