Emotional Releasing

Manseok Kim

I know you know this: never blame yourself for having overwhelming, negative feelings. Or think you “attracted” any negative events with a “low” vibration. This is not true: you are doing the work of clearing these situations for yourself, your ancestors, your descendants and for the entire collective.

Baby your cells for they have taken on a lot to protect you. Now it is your turn to nurture your physical body by listening and witnessing the trauma as they release by expressing themselves through you. Do not suppress these emotions. Think of them as your children. A thought / event was their moment of birth. Then we fed that thought with the energy of emotion as a way of coping with the negativity we experienced.

Don’t identify with “your” emotions. They are not yours. If you think they are, you produce a cascade of unconsciousness that will ultimately suppress them so they become stronger. We need to listen to these emotions but not identify with them or claim them as “ours.” This is done through compassionate detachment.

When you compassionately “parent” these misunderstood thoughts and emotions, you can finally release them and regain the pure energy of innocence.