Explore The Art of Creativity with Aliyah and Aidan

In this interview with Aidan McCullen of The Innovation Show, Aliyah Marr talks about her first book, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.

Author and artist Aliyah Marr uses practical examples and guides us through conceptual, transpersonal art experiments to demonstrate how we can use the power of art to access our inner child, express our buried emotions, and use any form of art as a catalyst to transform our lives.

Aliyah reveals the secret of the creative genius: a powerful alliance with the personal subconscious gives us access to the most powerful creative force of all, the same power that fuels the stars and guides our lives. She shows us how we can use art to bring our subconscious to the surface, how to make a friend of this powerful force, and then how to use it to create the life of our dreams.

~ Aliyah Marr

Creative Coaching

Creative Coaching