Gaining the Alpha State of Peace and Stillness

Your mind is racing, your nervous system is fried, and you are overwhelmed.

This is a cycle but it is one that is not your fault. There is currently an on-going purge of old emotionally-encoded realities, and this triggers reactions in people. So you have not only your own purge and reactions, but you may be very sensitive to what is happening on the planet.  So you react—mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Your mind is trying to control your experience because it feels something is wrong.

This is NATURAL but you have to get it to feel safe for a moment. It can’t do that through thinking but through FEELING (not emotion). See if you can get outside, put your feet on the grass, rest against a tree, get in the sun, get in the ocean, anything. Feel what is beneath “reality”—beneath the reality of your mind and emotions.

Beneath this man-made reality of fear and anxiety is a calm river of feeling—otherwise called “peace.” Soon, once you quiet your mind, you will be in this space and you will notice that your mind has stopped. Now you are in the Alpha brainwave state, in which Feeling reigns. Feeling isn’t emotion, but a state of being—the Alpha state has no pain and no emotion, only bliss. Bliss is a feeling state. So is Peace and Love (unconditional love). Feeling is an expanded state of being that is close to the state of being known by your Higher Self.

Wheel of Fortune: Tarot of Creativity, Aliyah MarrThe old Matrix of fear requires our unconscious emotional response as it keeps us in a reactive state, which disallows us from being conscious of having a choice. Choice isn’t really possible while in a reactive state on the Wheel of Fortune: you only can choose the lesser evil. Even perceiving good versus. evil, right versus. wrong is still not choice. Duality requires an unconscious state. It is this versus. that, right versus wrong. Up versus. down. Etc. Ad nauseum.

The Matrix is built upon duality, and thus everyone inside the Matrix must obey the rules of duality. And the biggest rule of duality is separation consciousness (or unconsciousness).

Separation consciousness starts the cycle of judgment, valuation, and emotional reaction. Duality is a binary system that swings between two poles, and in fact, relies upon the poles of negative and positive in order to recreate itself, nanosecond by nanosecond.

We have been creating from our emotions—a lower vibrational state. Emotions are all permutations of fear—they support and maintain the Matrix which is built on fear. We have a habit of responding emotionally to change—even good change—but we have to achieve detachment from our emotions in order to get to the Alpha state.

The Matrix is analogous to the ancient concept of The Wheel of Fortune: whether up or down, successful or a failure, both sides of the wheel beckon the opposite. You can never get off the wheel as long as you ascribe to it.

Another metaphor I like to use is the idea of a pendulum. The pendulum must swing both ways. This is the law of duality: balance. in one reality/lifetime/, or moment you are a perpetrator, in the next, you are the victim. So if you are up one day, it means you will be down the next. Or next month, next year, etc. It might take a lifetime or several lifetimes to complete a cycle but most people never see that there is a pattern to how this system works.

The only way out of the Matrix is to transcend it while inside it. We have to stop reacting to our mis-Creations, stop our self-induced hypnotic trance, and hit a higher octave. You can’t will yourself to stop a pattern. Nor can you will a higher octave into existence with a Law of Attraction visualization or attract it to you using your emotions. Those ways of creating are ended.

Instead, try to find a well of higher awareness inside you. This awareness is ancient and it has been waiting for you to wake up from your slumber in 3D. It is a tiny voice that has been drowned out by your mind and your emotions. This is the only choice for you in order to get off the Wheel of Fortune and exit the Matrix of control and domination. It is the most important thing you can do for yourself today.

Quiet your mind, by dropping into the Alpha state, Choose to FEEL your way into the peace and stillness of your soul.

~ Aliyah Marr,
Creative Coach, Tarot Artist


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