Ideas and Vision

Feel-Good Marketing—marketing that gives the consumer a “good feeling,” throughout the entire buying and owning cycle, and includes doing good for others.

The Four Types of Creativity—Innate Creativity, Conscious Creativity, Pure Creativity, and Applied Creativity, as defined in my book, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.

Natural Ethics—when people are gathered into real communities based upon sharing, where everyone is recognized for their contribution (example: barn-raising in early European Americans), they naturally develop ethics that reflect new core values of inclusion, diversity, equality, respect, and universal abundance.

Nature As a Model for a New Worldthe idea of making technology and architecture flexible, non-permanent, and aligned with the forces of nature.

Pay-It-Forward Global Economy—I want to propose a new economy based on a Pay-it-Forward attitude and actions. True change doesn’t come from the top-down but from the bottom-up. I think that compassion, equality, generosity, and love can spread faster than a virus. How can you help others? Yes, you can give money to causes, but if you can give your attention and your time to just one individual, the effect can be very powerful. Like a stone dropped in a lake, your pay-it-forward action will ripple out to affect many others whom you may not even know.

Thetawave Global Thinktank—a creative thinktank for resolving problems worldwide that connects local problems with creative problem-solvers worldwide. Global solutions solved at the local level with local resources and through the generous donations of individuals and organizations. Transborder and non-partisan, respecting the sovereignty of nations, religions, and belief systems.

Trickle-up Economics—a new economy that puts the future into the hands of empowered creative people. A reversal of the “trickle-down economics” theory, it works by encouraging each person on the planet to develop their creative potential so that positive attitudes, responsible stewardship. Creative ideas can “trickle up” that change society for the better.