Inspirational Speaker

Inspirational Speaker—inspires people to greatness.

Passionate Leader—a passion to inspire innovation and ideas in a team environment.

Visionary—the ability to envision the future, see trends and set the vision for an entire organization or project.

Mentor—with an interest in managing and mentoring others to help them perform at their peak and grow in their careers, Aliyah has mentored and taught many design students.

Communicator—excellent presentation and ability to communicate difficult concepts.

Creative Life Coach/Business Development Advisor—a solid understanding of what it takes for change to happen on a personal and organizational level.

Author—published writer: articles and books on creativity, design, marketing, media, customer relations, sustainability, clean technology, promotion, self-development, and creativity.

Experienced Speaker/Trainer/Leader—inspirational speaker, corporate trainer, workshop leader since 1994, with a portfolio reflecting 10+ years of experience in UI design, video production, film design, e-learning, fine art, and publishing.

Sample Topics

  • Creativity
  • Creativity at Work
  • Creative Energy Management
  • How to Build a Functional Creative Team
  • Brainstorming
  • Ideation and Visualization
  • Self-actualization
  • What is Creativity?
  • Body & Soul — how to use your mind to create the body you want.
  • The Mind: Shaking the Tree — change limiting beliefs and overcome fear.
  • The Emotions: Navigating a Sea of Emotions — why do we have emotions and how to use them.


Founder of the ThinkUpside Down counter-culture book imprint and social movement. Aliyah Marr is a creative director with a stellar list of Fortune 100 clients: companies such as IBM, American Express, The Whitney Museum of American Art, and Chivas; she is a published author with articles in major magazines, such as Create Magazine and Business Week.

Aliyah believes in the transformative power of creative thinking and brings all her years of teaching, marketing, and design experience to the table in helping others become the creative architects of their own lives.

A Vision of the Future

Aliyah claims that there are more creative geniuses on Earth than at any other time in recorded history. The sheer numbers of creatively awakened, free-thinking individuals on the planet has precipitated a unique event: for the first time, the human species will evolve to a new level of coöperation and sustainability. We stand at the threshold of the most powerful leap in human evolution—this leap is not physical or technological; it will be a quantum leap in human consciousness.

At the base of her vision is the empowered, free individual that Aliyah has coined, “the Conscious Creative.” The tsunami of human evolution generated by the quake of creative empowerment is on our event horizon, approaching us as time disappears.

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With a Fine Arts degree from the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris France, Aliyah taught graphic design, art, interactive programming, and new media at Parsons (The New School), Pratt Institute and The School of Visual Art in New York City. She has created over 100 e-learning tutorials on design, created an interactive manual for the Hummer, and worked as a designer for two feature films.

She writes books on creative empowerment, gives keynote addresses and seminars, teaches workshops, and works as a corporate trainer.



Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity: The missing manual for your right brain

The Creative Life in 365 Degrees

Celestial Journey: The Voyage of the Creative Spirit

The Avatars of Eden

The Tarot Key, Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul; A Modern Guide to the Wisdom of the Ancients

Unplug From the Matrix

–> All Aliyah’s books and games on Amazon

Solution-Oriented Life Coaching

Aliyah has extra-ordinary intuitive insight and years of hands-on experience in the field of solution-oriented life-coaching and brings her entire background of sophistication and knowledge from a-z high tech per the inter-marketing a-z to her profound research in the magic of getting what you want and from here to there.… Read more “Solution-Oriented Life Coaching”

After One Session With Aliyah…

After one session with Aliyah, a 50-year old deep emotional trauma was dissolved and in its place is pure love. The process seemed effortless and the sorrow is… Read more “After One Session With Aliyah…”

Aliyah helped a dream come true for me…

Aliyah helped a dream come true for me—we worked together to launch my first book! I am so grateful for her expertise and commitment to her work. She listens carefully while advising to ensure the best outcome and she stays focused to help reach deadlines. Thank you, Aliyah. January 23,… Read more “Aliyah helped a dream come true for me…”

A Very Original Mind

I find Aliyah to have a very original mind. She thinks outside of the box. She is particularly great at concept, but also very proficient and efficient in her technical executions. I found [her web design] particularly cutting edge and engaging. Was very wowed by her website. Highly… Read more “A Very Original Mind”

Fresh, Bold Ideas

Aliyah is a driven, talented, brilliant designer who will not rest until she can fulfill her vision. Her work ethic goes above and beyond the call of duty, and she is single minded in her pursuit of perfectionism in her own work. Aliyah is committed to challenging herself on a… Read more “Fresh, Bold Ideas”

She Never Gives Up

The very first time I met Aliyah was at the ASR show in San Diego when she visited our booth. She was very passionate and had some great ideas to help us promote our fledgling company, 9:Fish Surfboards. Within a month or so, she had negotiated a TV advertising deal… Read more “She Never Gives Up”

I strongly recommend Aliyah Marr

Working with Aliyah was a blessing. She listened to my higher vision and guided my rewriting with precise suggestions. She truly has the ability to unlock a writer’s potential. Aliyah’s style is sweet and sincere. She cares about the power of words. She has excellent ideas and exchanged ideas with… Read more “I strongly recommend Aliyah Marr”

Harness your Potential

I worked with Aliyah recently on career development. She’s a very collaborative, spontaneous, and thoughtful coach. She lets me see aspects of myself I wasn’t paying attention to and helps me develop tools to point me in the right direction. I highly recommend working with her if you’re a creative… Read more “Harness your Potential”

Creative and Results Oriented

Aliyah is a very creative and talented professional that is a joy to work with. During the time that I worked with her she was ready to take on responsibility and she delivered results with excellence under last minute pressure. I was impressed with her ability to quickly learn a… Read more “Creative and Results Oriented”

Amazing Talent

Amazing talent and super easy to work… Read more “Amazing Talent”

Extraordinary—Out of the Box Thinking

Since working with Aliyah, I have been hugely impressed with her extraordinary ability to create new channels of business thinking and [create] out-of-the-box approaches to radical and challenging ideas for enterprise. She has a warm and engaging temperament and persistence to meet the orthodox head-on and root out those conscious… Read more “Extraordinary—Out of the Box Thinking”

I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About Aliyah

I can’t say enough good things about working with Aliyah Marr, she is inspirational, keeps me on track, has sound advice and is very knowledgeable in many aspects of the creative fields. We work as a team and she gets to know your goals and stumbling blocks and works around… Read more “I Can’t Say Enough Good Things About Aliyah”


I worked with Aliyah on editing and publishing a medical poster and she was great! Knowledgeable with professional publishing techniques and terminology. We worked with Adobe publishing products and she not only knows her way around these complex systems but taught me a lot along the way. I recommend… Read more “Knowledgeable”

A Transformational Coach

Aliyah is highly creative, imaginative and artistically gifted. I have had the good fortune to have known her on her spiritual and life journey of transformation for many years now as well as recently contracting her to build my website for Lotus Light Healing. Aliyah is a powerful example of… Read more “A Transformational Coach”

An ever-evolving playful and productive journey…

Working with Aliyah is an ever-evolving playful and productive journey. She has helped me recognize my creativity and my life and business have soared. Thank… Read more “An ever-evolving playful and productive journey…”

A Favorite of our Subscribers

Aliyah Marr is wonderful to work with. Her original, idiosyncratic work consistently gets a positive response from our users. She has become a favorite of our subscribers! Aliyah’s enthusiasm and cooperative nature make her a joy to work with. ~ Aliyah created over 100 video tutorials on web design for Media… Read more “A Favorite of our Subscribers”

‘Likely to Recommend’ Score of 10

I was able to get my answers to my questions and fully understand the steps in learning the product. I was able to stop and ask questions [during the corporate training session], and then repeat when necessary. ~ anonymous student review of Adobe After Effects corporate training class, April… Read more “‘Likely to Recommend’ Score of 10”

A Great Mentor

Aliyah is a great teacher who has awakened strengths that have been dormant in me. My views on life have changed since working with her. Honestly, I was unsure what to do with my life or what direction to go. I felt lost and was looking for understanding and my… Read more “A Great Mentor”

Be Empowered

Aliyah has a special gift in that she can get to the root of your personal and professional issues very quickly. She is able to open your eyes so that you see aspects of yourself which you have never before knew existed. By doing this, she then is able to… Read more “Be Empowered”