Natural Ethics

I believe that most people want to do good and be recognized within their community There are two theories of evolution: competitive and cooperative. The competition theory assumes a lack of resources and competition (war) for those resources. The cooperation theory takes a larger view to see how the natural ecosystems sustain themselves through cooperation and the interdependency of all species. The society that we develop is the result of whatever beliefs we hold as to what is natural and good.

Our current society is based upon the competition version of evolution and is based upon the accumulation of money at all costs, but this profit-based meme results in societal ills such as greed, crime, poverty, exploitation of people, destruction of the environment, and inequality.

If instead, we base our society upon the idea of sharing resources instead of competing for those resources, we will have a better world as a result. Small tribal groups develop societies that tend to be more cooperative than competitive.

I have developed a concept called “Natural Ethics,” that states that when people are gathered into real communities based upon sharing, where everyone is recognized for their contribution (example: barn-raising in early America), they naturally develop ethics that reflect new core values such as:

  • Inclusion
  • Respect for all
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Appreciation for individuality and diversity
  • Generosity
  • Abundance for all

~ Copyright Aliyah Marr