The Pay-It-Forward Global Economy

“Change starts with me”

I want to propose a new economy based on a Pay-it-Forward attitude and actions.

“Pay it forward is an expression for when the recipient of an act of kindness does something kind for someone else rather than simply accepting or repaying the original good deed.”

Do You Qualify for Creative Coaching / Advice?

Whom do I Help?

  • Anyone who is creative: in a creative career, artist, designer, author, entrepreneur, creative business owner, or wannabe creative.
  • If you have an idea for a creative business or startup.
  • If you want to change careers.
  • If you don’t know how to follow your creative passion or balance your passion with your personal life.
  • You want to be more creative. You want to follow your dreams. You want to feel empowered to step forward on a new path.
  • You are a social visionary with ideas on how to change the world for the better.
  • You are a CEO, CCO, or entrepreneur.
  • You are a speaker or author who needs to brand themselves or promote themselves.
  • Fill in the blank here __________.

This is NOT Charity

I want to live in the world I envision* and I know that I have to be willing to exemplify the qualities of that world first. I have to LIVE those core values in order for this world to manifest.

To be absolutely clear, Pay-it-Forward is NOT charity. This concept, as I see it, has to do with developing a sense of abundance, equality, and spirit of generosity.

*Equality, Respect, and Abundance for All

The Virus of Compassion, Generosity, and Love

True change doesn’t come from the top-down but from the bottom up. I think that compassion, equality, generosity, and love can spread faster than a virus. If “change starts with me,” how can you help others? Yes, you can give money to causes, but if you can give your attention and your time to just one individual, the effect can be very powerful. Like a stone dropped in a lake, your pay-it-forward action will ripple out to affect many others whom you may not even know. As you spread the virus of love and compassion, so the world changes, one person at a time.

The Pay-It-Forward Idea in Practice

  • The intent of a Pay-It-Forward Program is to provide services for anyone, whether they can pay or not.
  • When you donate to the program, you are not allowed to pay for yourself, only for someone else in the community.
  • If you cannot pay anything there is no stigma since recipients and donors remain anonymous.
  • Everyone is equally served. No one is given more or better service based upon their ability to pay. This promotes a sense of community, true equality, and generosity.**
  • You do NOT need to donate to participate in the Pay-It-Forward Program. Donations are appreciated but not necessary.

You do NOT need to donate to participate in the Pay-It-Forward Program. If you want to participate in the Pay-It-Forward Program as a beneficiary, just fill out the form below.

Take the first step. To go from stuck to unstuck, from cloudy to clear sometimes requires a small step forward, a desire to invest time and energy in yourself.

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