The Avatars of Eden

The Avatars of Eden cover

This book is about creating a “heaven on Earth,” therefore, the image on he cover shows the sun rising over the curvature of the Earth.
The Avatars of Eden interior spread 1
The Avatars of Eden interior spread 2

Cover Typography
TradeGothic LT Extended
Avenir Book

Interior Typography
Body: Adobe Garamond Pro
Title Page: iNked God and Optima
Chapter Heads: Univers 45 Light
Chapter Head Initial Cap: iNked God

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The Avatars of Eden is the sequel to Unplug From the Matrix.

Illustration and Design Aliyah Marr


Book Design

Hidden GrandMa

Hidden Grandma

A children’s book that “hides” Grandma in ever-more ridiculous places. Design and branding: part of the “I Love my Grands” series.

No Time Like the Present

Stark, bright posterized illustrative style underlines the title in the artwork with the shadow of the runner that points to her future romantic interest in the distance.

The Creative Life in 365 Degrees

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The Myth of Race

The image is of a push-up toy that I bought in Chelsea a few years ago. Tension is conveyed by the jarring offset of the foreground and background colors.