Unplug From the Matrix

Cover Typography
ITC Lubalin Graph
ITC GalliardFutura Medium and Bold Condensed

Interior Typography
Body copy: Adobe Garamond Pro Regular
Quotes: Futura Light Oblique
Chapter heads and footnotes: Futura Light
Chapter head initial cap: Brothers of Metal
Icons: Nucleus One

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Illustration and Design Aliyah Marr


Book Design

Hidden GrandMa

Hidden Grandma

A children’s book that “hides” Grandma in ever-more ridiculous places. Design and branding: part of the “I Love my Grands” series.

No Time Like the Present

Stark, bright posterized illustrative style underlines the title in the artwork with the shadow of the runner that points to her future romantic interest in the distance.

The Myth of Race

The image is of a push-up toy that I bought in Chelsea a few years ago. Tension is conveyed by the jarring offset of the foreground and background colors.

Anonymous was a Woman

The subtitle, “an exploration of gender and genius,” was inserted inside the area of the title instead of placing it in a more traditional location underneath the title.