Writing Copy that Sizzles

Your copy can make or break your website; the content on your site should support your product, company or service. When it doesn’t, sites don’t work. Common content errors include:

Endless Sand and not a Drop to Drink.

Lost in an unending desert of words and the endless scrolling page, your readers expire from exhaustion before they can reach the oasis of truth.

The Three Second Countdown Extended to a Twenty-Second Download.

On the web, we have three seconds to grab someone, but your page takes a full twenty seconds to download.

Your Readers Feel Like They Are on a Bad Date.

The user can’t figure out why they should stay on your site. It’s so boring that they can’t wait to leave.

…Or on a Blind Date.

The keywords on your page do not reflect your content. The search engine sent them here, but they don’t know why they are here. There is no “duh” page that lets them know that they are where they want to be: with YOU.

No, Toto — We’re Not in Kansas Anymore.

The search engine landed the user in your website, otherwise known as Terra Incognita. Nothing resembles anything on THEIR map of familiar landmarks and desired vistas. They are disoriented and decide to leave quickly before the flying monkeys arrive.

“Lost In a Dark Forest Wandering.”

Meandering, pointless phrases or countless buttons confuse your reader with too many choices. They are lost in a forest of choices.

You Have Too Many Keys to the Same Door.

On the other hand, the writer who tries to fit in as many keywords as possible makes a meaningless mash for the human viewer.

Confronted with A Maze of Information, the Player Gets Discouraged and Leaves the Game.

A reader gets tired easily from information that is not presented logically and from the user’s point of view.

Copyright Aliyah Marr