Simple Technique for Handling too Much Energy

A technique to relieve some of the effects of new, incoming energy:

Try this:

1. Imagine that your cells are flat discs all aligned on the same axis.
2. Now imagine that they are aligned in rows on that axis like the slats in a Venetian blind. When the blinds are closed the energy is hitting the cells broadside: this is why you feel so bad—because your cells are opposing the full brunt of the new energy.
3. Once you have that image of the closed blinds in your head…
4. Now turn the blinds so that the blinds open and the thin edges of the cells are presented to the incoming light (energy) instead of the flat sides.

The new energy will no longer hit you so hard because your cells are not opposing it, or rather, your cells can now allow the new energy or light to flow through you with very little opposition.

I have successfully used this technique for years to lessen physical symptoms, but I see no reason that it couldn’t be used for emotional or mental symptoms as well. I think that all the mental and emotional symptoms come from the physical trying to upgrade.
Try it! Hope it helps. Let me know if it works for you.

— Aliyah Marr
Creative Coach

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