She Never Gives Up

The very first time I met Aliyah was at the ASR show in San Diego when she visited our booth. She was very passionate and had some great ideas to help us promote our fledgling company, 9:Fish Surfboards. Within a month or so, she had negotiated a TV advertising deal that put our products in front of target customers and at the same time truly strengthened our brand image.

The deal worked well for our company and we really owe it all to her. Not only that, but she continued to promote 9:Fish outside of the advertising deal by talking to local surfboard shops that she frequented, urging them to take a chance on our new surfboard brand. Thanks to Aliyah’s tenacity and energetic evangelism, we landed a deal with a very important retailer. She says she did it because she believed in our company; we’re just glad she did it.

I highly recommend Aliyah because of her creativity, salesmanship, and incredible energy. She’s a great pleasure to work with and no one can resist her for long because she never gives up, no matter what!