The Beginning of the End of Time

As we let go of the old, the ego suffers, but the spirit doesn’t suffer at all. The gap between the two becomes wider and wider until the ego is forced to surrender to a void space that makes no sense to it.

There is no direction, goal, work, or meaning in the void. I have for many years seen the void. I thought I was facing it, but only this year did I really embrace it. Embracing what causes you the most anxiety or fear is perhaps the most courageous and effective step you can take.

The weird effect of finally embracing the void is that once you do, you turn back to see that everything, or nearly everything behind you has crumbled. You are forced to go forward because there is nothing to go back to. You are forced to detach. But detachment is a process that isn’t a conscious effort for most of us: if it were it probably wouldn’t be real. You can’t fake detachment or strive for it. That is the funny thing.

You can’t take anything from the old world with you. So, for years, you might find yourself slowly forced to give up old habits, possessions, jobs, careers, relationships, etc. Or, it may happen suddenly, like a lightning strike—your world suddenly revealed to be a sham like a long-abandoned movie setting.

You can feel suddenly or slowly bereft of everything that once made up your world. We all identify with  the items of our world. We think that these things are ours—our relationships, our house, our career, etc—and because we identify with our possessions we think they are us. But none of it is.

But even more unsettling to the mind is the sense of eternity in the nothingness that accompanies the process of detaching from everything.

Since lower consciousness is very dense, it is also mired and moored in a very slow-moving, linear form of timespace. As we speed up in frequency, it is impossible to even believe in what used to fascinate us before. All that we once knew and even perhaps, loved, becomes unreal,. This is what enables us to truly detach. It becomes “beyond boring” to hear gossip, judgement, politics, duties, requirements, rules, job descriptions, goals, worries, conflicts, opinions, etc.—even your own.

We eventually become empty like the void in front of us. Nothing. No identity. No goals, no desires equal no future to our linear-based minds. Who knew that this process would feel so empty?

Nothingness is really frightening to the mind. But it is here in that nothing space that is the womb for a new world. It isn’t a new ego we are forming or a new identity: instead we are opening up to an expanded state that includes more of our higher self.

The descent of the higher self into material existence is only possible when we have prepared the body/mind to accept the higher frequency that accompanies it.

As we rise, so we are able to understand more and more how a higher world functions and take our part in it because, essentially, we are everything and everything is us. The good news is that that “everything” comes to reflect that higher awareness that we have come to embody.

And so, the long path of letting go can only bring us into a more fluid state, responsive and delighting in what this particular moment reflects back to us.

Not knowing is key. Walk on courageous soul.