Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh My!

This is the 6:6:6 June 6th 2022

Numerologically, this translates to 666. The 6:6:6 is a jumping off point to a new timeline, which is why you may be having issues with nausea, sleep, depression, blurred vision.

The Real Meaning of the 666

666 is NOT a negative number—in fact, there are no negative numbers. All numbers are sacred. Triple numbers increase the potency of the base number by a factor of three. In this case, the base number is six, which is the number of LOVE, the true power of creation. However, in the density of this reality system we had to “forget” the true nature of love as we “fell” into separation consciousness—otherwise known as hell.

The Moon card from The Tarot of Creativity by Aliyah Marr

Dreaming by the Light of the Moon

A little numerology and tarot reveals an intriguing idea. Add the 6s and you reduce the triple number to a double digit number of 18, which in the Tarot is the card titled, “The Moon.” The moon rises at night and reflects the emotional state of humanity. The word lunatic comes from “Luna,” the word for moon. The Moon in the Tarot often stands for “illusion.” In this case, we are discovering that the world that we grew up believing in is an illusion. But of course, that is always the case—when you leave an old reality for a new one, just like peeking behind a magician’s screen, you can see it so clearly, even to all the strings that held it up.

Illusion or Magic—Your Choice

Alternatively, in The Tarot of Creativity the Moon card is titled, “Dreaming” calling attention to the fact that ALL of life is a dream, and one that we can choose. Or rather, the exercise may be to become lucid inside the dream of life, aware that one is dreaming and thus aware of one’s choice in determining how you react (or don’t) to your own creations. The Native Americans called this reality, the “Smoky Mirror,” as it reflects us but not clearly, thus there is always a bit of obscurity in the reflection which allows us to believe in the fiction of separation and removes us further from knowing that we are the creators of what we see—albeit we do this collectively.

Now the time factor that figured so much into that fiction is being removed, so the illusion is being ripped away. What might be interesting is how time-space will change once time as an element is reduced or stripped away. Will we understand our “complicity” or role in creating consensual reality? Will we feel empowered to create the new or bereft and nostalgic for the old?

So, expect a little craziness as things end today as we feel we are tottering on the edge of existence and our very sanity. I see a gaping void as I teeter on the edge of a big cliff, actually a cliff that is a black hole.

The Gravity Well of Emotions

I have to be careful not to “fall” into the gravity well of this old existence that I am leaving. There is so much gravity (emotional creativity) in this black hole that light cannot escape and I have to be careful to ground myself, not in my feet, but in my heart.

You might feel empty and emotionless and that is good. Don’t allow your emotions of nostalgia or anxiety to draw you back into the old, which is no longer there.

The body / mind / soul is going to feel anxiety as the old is removed. But we have reached the end of the bridge and it is crumbling into the black hole of non-existence.

The End is the Beginning

Now, let’s take the double-digit of 18 and add the numbers together and we get a “9.” Nine is at once the number of endings and the birth of the new.

The Hermit card from The Tarot of Creativity by Aliyah Marr

Nine is the number of the Hermit card. It is the number of attainment and wisdom, achieved through a lifelong commitment to your path. The same Major Arcana card is “Emergence” in The Tarot of Creativity.

Know all is well at the level of our higher self, who is now in charge. I like to call my higher self, “the greater part of me” as its energy and perspective is much vaster than mine. We just have to—once again—surrender the “hows,” “whys,” and “hows” to that greater part of ourselves who can map out the path that is invisible to us.

We are emerging from our “hermit” state or self-induced chrysalis and leaping into a new state of being. What will it be?

Only LOVE can tell.

~ Aliyah Marr
Creative Coach, Tarot Artist

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