The Rock and the River

River Stones by Aliyah Marr
River Stones by Aliyah Marr

During the era of 9-11, I used to watch the ducks on the big pond near my house while in a deep meditative state. I observed how a couple of drakes would have a big fight and stir up a lot of aggressive energy. Then after the fight, they would each go off to separate sides of the pond—like polar ends of the spectrum!

Each one was a mirror image of the other as they would INDIVIDUALLY and vigorously shake off their tails to shake off the energy and repeatedly duck their heads under the water to wash it off.

What opposes you is only the mirror of yourself.

This is the nature of a dualistic reality system that creates everything through natural opposition. To be conscious of the state of creativity and allow it to work through you instead of being in constant polarization is the meaning of Being in the Flow. Only when you can stand in a position of a third point, above the fray, so to speak, can you observe the way creation in the binary system of duality works.

When you are IN IT—on one end of the spectrum or the other—you take part unconsciously to support the system through polarization:

He said, she said

I am right, you are wrong

This is truth, that is a lie

What if everyone were right and wrong at the same time?

What if it doesn’t matter?

When you stand in the Third Point, you can observe this polarization but the minute you take sides and need to be right, you lose the detached viewpoint and fall back into the unconscious state where you are actually creating that which you oppose.

Our attention and how we focus it is paramount in how we create and re-create the world around us.

Thoughts, by themselves are just ideas and as such are a kind of light attention—airy and unfocused. Emotions are a kind of intense attention or focus—they are much heavier.

Emotions are what we use to create in this world. Emotions are how we take an idea or concept—which in itself is not intense—and supercharge it to create something in the material plane.

As you focus your intense attention on an idea or concept, you literally create “matter” through what “matters” to you.

Being in the Flow State allows you to see that the world will do whatever it does. What “matters” is only a conditional state that you can transcend by choosing what you make into “matter” through your attention.

Attention can be dense or light: dense attention creates unconsciously, while light attention consciously directs the flow of the energy of life to a balanced state of natural well-being.

Attention that is dense is like a rock in the river of life. Life will flow around it as it stays stolidly in place throughout the ages. You don’t have to be a rock, you can be the river.

Life will flow and you will enjoy the show.

Aliyah Marr
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