The Sudden Writer

I knew I was going to write a book about five years before I actually did. I was in a meditation and I asked myself, “I’ve done all these things: art, design, teaching, etc. What is my next step?” A voice popped up in my head stating clearly, “you are going to write a book”.

Fast forward a few years and suddenly I knew the time had come, but what would my book be on? They say that you should write on what you know, and so I chose “creativity” as it relates to personal development. And the title came to me just as fast—funny thing: I saw it “printed” on a ticker tape in my mind—”Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity.” I started with an outline but I soon stopped following it. I would sit down in front of my computer and the words would just flow out of me as if the act of sitting down and opening the laptop had turned on a faucet.

Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity

That was in 2007. I didn’t know what I had unleashed because while I was writing that book, I had ideas for many more books in the same genre. I kept mind maps and flowcharts of all my ideas; I must have had hundreds of book ideas and spinoffs. No one person could possibly complete all of these books!

I spent a lot of time editing my book, and in fact, went so fast that my editor couldn’t keep up. It seemed so easy to me: I hardly even looked at what I was doing as it seemed to happen through me. When I wrote, I seemed to be taking dictation. When I edited the book, I swapped paragraphs and sentences in and out with ease as if I had done this all my life.

Deciding to become a writer was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. It was as if I had untapped an unknown well of ideas, words, and images that had been buried in me, waiting to be found. I discovered an amazing creative flow of ideas that flowed the minute I made the decision to start writing.

I am a designer so when it came to create the book, I was in 7th heaven. In retrospect, it may be harder to design your own book than to design someone else’s. When I was finished and the book was published (using Print on Demand technology), I wanted to write another one.

It took me about a year and a half to produce my first book, “Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity. As I went on, I became very proficient in the whole process—writing, editing, designing, publishing—and in 2016, I was able to finish a book in a paltry two to three weeks.

By 2016—nine years after I had started—I had written and published 12 books. I went on to add three creative prompt journals to my collection and now stand at 15 books in publication, counting the journals. I like to make a book that is beautiful inside and out. Sometimes the interior gets very complex, as in my book, “The Tarot Key,” but I love to create a book that is not only attractive, but is easy to read.

And I help others achieve their dream. I have been fortunate in that the clients who come to me to help them publish their books are good partners: they are ready to publish, and are able to listen to my advice—working in tandem with me to create the best product we can. Thus, we can produce a high-quality book quickly.

If you feel that you have a book or other creative project inside you, don’t be afraid to start. Your voice needs to heard. What you have to say cannot be said by anyone else.

Aliyah Marr
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