The Void

I have seen those who feel they can teach spirituality who are actually just part of the whole system we need to leave. These “teachers” are embedded in a system which adheres to the Savior complex of the Piscean age. This is due to the idea of hierarchy and valuation: someone who teaches is somehow better or of more worth (superior) than their students.

In a higher consciousness, everything is equal but different. This is what these teachers are missing: what we are ALL doing is invaluable, and thus you cannot value it. The original (and current) meaning of invaluable is “valuable beyond estimation”; the word describes something so precious that one cannot assign a price to it.

In a higher state of awareness, which we can all touch upon in meditation, there is no higher or lower, and all pieces of this existence exist because they need to be here and are part of a very intricate design. Every piece fits.

Aiming at gaining a higher state of awareness means first surrendering all your ideas of valuation, all your precepts that belong to the old system. Surrendering for the ego is hard work, because it the egoic mind is (necessarily) attached to the idea of survival and separation in lower consciousness. In higher consciousness, the ego is more of an assistant than a guide or protector.

Surrender requires humbleness: a complete state of innocence that is no longer focused on survival.

We are in a waiting room, waiting for the “descent” of spirit. While everything in material form is “informed” by spirit, we are waiting for our bodies to upgrade to the point where we can absorb more of our greater selves (our essence). We are waiting for the point where more Spirit infuses matter (our material form), which is another way of saying that we are waiting for (more of) the higher self to enter our being and give us guidance.

This waiting room state is a test of our fortitude: will we go crazy, or run back to the familiar?

Or will we welcome a new state of being? Many of us are flipping back and forth between these states of being, the old survival state of disconnection and the “new” state of connectedness, where we are “in the flow” of a higher awareness and know we are supported.

The Void is a very uncomfortable yet creative state. We must not recreate any of the old, yet what will we create in the new?