Visual Design

When I started writing books I went back to designing for print after a long career as a user interface designer. There was something very satisfying about practicing “pure” graphic design again. There is no need to consider how the page will look on different screens and devices (now called “responsive” user interface design), and no concern about the typefaces or changing layouts. And while what-you-see-is-NOT-what-you-get, the freedom to practice pure design again is quite heady: the images against the white paper, the “color” of the body copy, using negative “empty” space in the design. Ahh. So satisfying. Fun, beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I love interactive design, and in fact, used to bore/intrigue? my students at Parsons and SVA with my theories on how interactive design has changed us, but that is a topic for one of my e-learning videos for designers.

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